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At both Mustache and Ish I have developed and produced several different projects for Condé Nast Entertainment, including series for Vanity Fair, Golf Digest, Condé Nast Traveler, Glamour, Allure and Teen Vogue. I executive produce these projects, managing the directors, producers and editors, as well as the relationship with our partners at Condé Nast Entertainment. 

Below are few samples of the videos my team and I created for CNÉ in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Vogue CFDA Fashion Fund Series (2016) 

In association with CNE, I was the executive producer of the 2016 Vogue/CFDA Fashion Fund series, which debuted November of 2016. 

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Most Expensivest Shit (2016)

At Mustache, we created and produced the most popular series ever on with rapper 2 Chainz. 

Perfect Match (2015) 

Alongside the executives at CNE, we created and produced the pilot for this series which has now been picked up by CNE. 

Role: Executive Producer (Pilot and 9 episode series) 


Vanity Fair Confidential (2015)

For this series, we worked closely with our partners at Condé Nast Entertainment to create a digital companion series that would help promote the Discovery ID TV series of the same name. We shot, edited and animated these episodes, which rolled out in conjunction with the release of the TV series. 

Role: Executive Producer (12 episode series) 


Hot List 2014 

This series of videos highlights the best new clubs of 2014. We updated the digital look and feel of Golf Digest, focusing on the beauty of the clubs with closeup shots of their details. And then we took a couple of young golf pros to a simulator to test them out, which we shot in slow motion to capture their beauty.  

Role: Executive Producer (28 episode series, 1M+ streams) 

Bad Hair Day (2014) 

In this lively and amusing makeover series, Glamour's Beauty Editor-at-Large, Theodore Leaf, heads to the Midwest to help women with their hair issues — and gives out plenty of useful hair tips in the ten bonus clips.

Role: Executive Producer (21 episode series, 2M+ streams)