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About Me

I'm a filmmaker and creative executive focused on identifying and managing talent and developing innovative concepts for TV, Film and digital as well as for branded content/ad campaigns. With my new company, MAKEMAKE Films, I function as an end-to-end executive producer (and occasionally director)—leading projects/films from ideation to production to delivery. I am also skilled in editorial work, new business development and I occasionally write travel features for major media outlets.

My specialties are: TV/Video Series Development, Documentary Filmmaking, Content Creation, Digital Editorial Strategy, Digital Video Strategy, TV & Film Production, Audience Development, Social Media Strategy.

On a personal note, I am married, live in Brooklyn and have a dog named Marco (who has his own Instagram feed: @lagotto_marco)

You can contact me from this site or via Linkedin.

Want to know what I’m up to RIGHT NOW? My Instagram feed (@runnette) often offers clues.